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Windows XP D-Day approaches
The final days of the support from Microsoft are approaching, as of of the 8th of April 2014, Microsoft officially remove support for Windows XP. What does this mean to end users? It means no new Windows updates, no new software, and no free help from Microsoft. You may have already noticed that new software from Microsoft doesn't work on Windows XP. Windows XP won't stop working, it will continue to work as before, but will be less secure than newer operating systems.

There is currently a Telephone based scam doing the rounds
If you get a phone call from Microsoft, or any other company out of the blue, telling you that your computer is showing up on their system as having a problem, PLEASE just hang up, otherwise they will scam you out of £120+ for work that does not need doing, and potentially installing malware onto your computer.

If you have already fallen foul of this scam, please contact us, or another reputable computer repair centre, we will give you advise on what should happen next.

There is currently a world wide shortage of internal and external hard drives, due to the flooding in Tailand.
The effect of this means hard drives have more than doubled in price, which will have a knock on effect on new computer builds.