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Investing in New Software
We have been investing in some new software recently, some of the new software is designed to help our technicians diagnose your computer problems a little quicker, and help cleanup any malware on your windows based computers. We can do this either onsite at a cost of £40 per hour* or at our premises for around £20-£30. We are also able to offer you Malwarebytes at a reduced price of £19.99 for 1 year**

* There may also be a call out charge based on the distance you are from Grantham or Sleaford.
** Normal price £29.99 for 1 Year.

Windows 10 Release day announced
Microsoft has revealed that Windows 10 will be released on the 29th July2015. It will be free to people who currently have windows 7/8/8.1 for the first year of its release. This means if you havent upgraded to windows 10 in the first year, you will have to buy it. It does not mean you will have to pay for it after the first year if you upgraded to Windows 10.

There is currently a Telephone based scam doing the rounds
If you get a phone call from Microsoft, or any other company out of the blue, telling you that your computer is showing up on their system as having a problem, PLEASE just hang up, otherwise they will scam you out of £120+ for work that does not need doing, and potentially installing malware onto your computer.

If you have already fallen foul of this scam, please contact us, or another reputable computer repair centre, we will give you advice on what should happen next.